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To obtain the Golden Visa in Portugal you must make a qualifying investment and hold the respective investment for five years.


Choose the Investment Option

  • Capital Transfer of at least €1 million
  • Generate 10 new jobs for a Portuguese business or single-member company (reduced to 8 positions if in a low-density area)
  • Buy a property in Portugal with a minimum value of €500K – (Reduced to €400K if located in a low-density area)
  • Investment into private equity funds with a minimum of €350K
  • Portugal Golden Visa €350K real estate investment in rehabilitation project (reduced to €280K if located in a low-density area)
  • €250K investment into preserving national heritage
  • Investment of at least €350K in research
  • €350K investment in an existing Portuguese business. Must incorporate or increase the share capital and create at least 5 full-time permanent jobs for at least 3 years



Collect Your Paperwork

Once you have decided on your investment option you must collect the necessary paperwork for yourself and any dependents you’ll be including in the application. We at Planeur strongly recommend you speak to a lawyer in order to find out which documentation is required and how to certify it, as this may differ from country to country. Planeur will arrange a meeting/call with the lawyers if you don’t have one.


Open Bank Account & Obtain NIF 

The bank can request and obtain a NIF (tax identification number) for you. We, therefore, suggest starting the bank opening process and a NIF will be requested on your behalf saving you precious time.



The investment amount will depend on the investment option you have chosen. Once the investment is made a certificate is issued to demonstrate you have invested the minimum required to obtain the Golden Visa. It will also mark the start date of your five-year investsment required.


Biometrics Visit 

From the time you book your interview, it takes around 2-4 months until you can attend a biometrics collection session in person. Because your presence is required and once your visit has been confirmed you can arrange to travel to Portugal if you are not already in the country.


Golden Visa

After your biometrics, it takes around 4-8 months for your Golden Visa to be approved by SEF. There is a government permit issue fee to be paid before collecting your Golden Visa.


To find out more about Portugal Golden Visa please contact Planeur. You may also check your eligibility and requirements for the Portuguese Golden Visa here.