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Planeur Portugal Fund – Where Planeur Serves as the Investment Advisor

Planeur operates in Portugal, taking advantage of its favourable fiscal and regulatory frameworks. In the past 5 years, Portugal has become one of the most attractive countries for investment. Portugal offers low-interest rates, reduced country risk, high real estate yields, golden visa obtainment and taxes incentives.

To capitalise on this one, Planeur Portugal Fund has been created. It is a venture capital fund focused on companies in real estate development, technology, eco-agriculture/tourism and high tech manufacturing. The Planeur Portugal Fund is managed by Dunas Capital.

The Fund is Open for Investors Since October 2020 
Expected Launch in March 2021

For more information about this investment fund, please contact the official agent at Planeur Portugal Fund or get in touch with Planeur today, we will be glad to support you!