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In general, investors have an optimistic perspective in investing in Portugal, with around 60% stating that they intend to increase their acquisitions, while about two-thirds expect to increase their sales.

Partly due to this optimism, we can expect investment volumes to increase by about 5% over the previous year. Due to the uncertainty resulting from the pandemic, its impact on the economy, and the real estate market, investors are still showing a great appetite for core strategies, that is, with reduced risk.

Despite the implementation of a flexible working standard:

  • Offices remain the preferred asset class
  • Logistics and rental housing are growing in popularity
  • certain retail or hotel assets is where most investors expect significant discounts


Studies show that the fact that Lisbon is one of the ten cities chosen by as one of the most desirable destinations for real estate investment. It should be noted that London is at the top of the list, followed by Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Hamburg, Zurich, and Warsaw. Despite being in tenth place, Lisbon stands out as the only city in the Iberian Peninsula in this list of the Ten Favorite Cities.


There is no time to lose!

Investors are betting on Lisbon because they consider that the capital is attracting more and more companies and not only will these companies create jobs in the city, but they will also attract more and more people who choose to change countries and invest to live in Lisbon, for that matter. work or study.

Make no mistakes, Lisbon is in the Champions League of the most attractive European cities. Always looking to create competitive conditions and advantages to attract more and better companies, whether from the technological sector, health, financial services or others, as well as to attract highly qualified workers and students, who come after a unique quality of life, of age-old culture and of a capacity that we, like few others, can accept diversity.

Lisbon is taking into consideration topics such as the famous ESG or Environment, Social & Governance, without which the younger generations and companies no longer know how to live. Implementing Smart City concept, with regards to mobility and the environment.


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