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Holding a Portuguese passport will allow visa-free entry to 186 countries. The Portuguese passport comes in 6th place, along with that of Sweden, France, the Netherlands, and Ireland. 

Over the past years, the Portuguese government has been working successfully on expanding its list of visa-free countries list.

Portuguese Visa requirements map

Visa requirements for Portuguese citizens are administrative entry restrictions by the authorities of other states placed on citizens of Portugal. This includes gaining Portuguese citizenship for non-EU residents through the Golden Visa program.

Apart from the vast list of countries you can access visa-free with a  Portuguese passport there are also added benefits, such as:

To Be a European Citizen

For non-EU citizens, obtaining a Portuguese passport means having the same rights as any other European citizen.

Easy and Free Circulation

Once you obtain a Portuguese passport you are allowed to travel visa-free to 186 countries.

Living in Another EU Country

Apart from being able to live in Portugal, Portuguese citizenship grants the same rights and duties as any other European citizen, and this includes the right to visit, study, work, and also live in any EU country without needing to require a visa.

Right to Pass the Portuguese Nationality to the Dependant Descendants and Ascendant

Portuguese citizenship is hereditary, so your children will have the same rights as you. Through the Golden visa, not only any dependent child can benefit from the same rights as the Portuguese passport holder but also dependent parents.

Consular Visa Exemption

Portugal has good diplomatic relations with many countries so by having a Portuguese passport, apart from not needing a visa to visit and live in any EU country, you also do not need to apply for a tourist visa to enter countries like Canada, the United States, and Japan.

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