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For anyone considering a better future for their children in Europe, gaining free access to the European continent is essential. Europe provides a wealth of unique advantages that can open up a world of possibilities for the next generation, such as, high-quality schools and universities, immersion in a rich and diverse cultural heritage, the chance to travel and experience new cultures, languages, and make new friends with different perspectives on the world.

As a Hong Kong citizen, one of the easiest ways to secure your children’s future in Europe is through Portugal’s Golden Visa scheme. This scheme is by far one of the most exciting and flexible schemes in Europe for you and your family. At Planeur we offer non-EU investors the opportunity to participate in the Portuguese Golden Visa program by investment. If you want to find out more Contact us today.

Another major win boosting the Portuguese Golden Visa has just come through Portugal’s recent announcement. Since the 10th of November 2020, Portugal is allowing birthright citizenship. This legal amendment is the latest added to the Portuguese golden visa’s cap as it makes it the only such program in the EU to allow for jus soli absent significant periods of residency. “A parent who has held a golden visa for at least a year and subsequently has a child will be able to confer Portuguese citizenship on that child at birth, even if they have only fulfilled the minimum 7-day physical presence requirement.”

How to Secure Your Children’s Future in Europe?

Applying for the Portuguese Golden Visa and acquiring citizenship through investment will grant you and your family access to Europe. The benefits are clear; you and your family will be able to access visa-free travel within the Schengen Area and take full advantage of the education and employment opportunities the continent has to offer.

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If you apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa scheme, you’ll be eligible for citizenship after just five years. Additionally, unlike other nations, Portugal doesn’t require Golden Visa holders to live permanently in the country in order to claim citizenship. In fact, you only have to spend one week in the country in the first year, and two weeks each subsequent year of your visa in order to qualify.

The Portuguese Golden Visa scheme allows citizens of non-EU countries and territories, including Hong Kong citizens, to gain residency in Portugal and the wider Schengen Area. Among the most popular ways to gain access to these benefits through the Golden Visa scheme is by following the investment funds route, a pathway that Planeur specializes in and that will guide Hong Kong citizens to navigate.

At Planeur we look to acquiring the best assets with high yield returns within the real-estate development, technology, eco-agriculture/tourism, and high-tech manufacturing industry. Focusing on high investment returns while assisting through the Golden Visa process, we are on hand to streamline your application and ensure you have all the information you need.

Uncertainties Around Brexit and Citizenship for Hong Kong’s Future Generation?

Today, some of the citizens from Hong Kong are facing uncertainty in relation to Brexit and British citizenship. In many cases, access to a British passport will no longer confer the same advantages in Europe as it did previously, with certain restrictions placed on travel, education, and working on the continent. Access to Britain is assured, but uncertainties still remain to access the rest of Europe.

In particular, for Hongkongers looking to access the European education system for their children, a British passport no longer guarantees this. Investing in the Portuguese Golden Visa scheme is your alternative and among the easiest and most cost-effective routes and will grant you access to Europe.

Currently, the most attractive option to acquire the Golden Visa is through Venture Capital investment. Starting at €350K, you can make the most of your investment in Portugal through funds regulated by the Portuguese government. This means that not only are you able to become a Portuguese citizen and gain free access to all of the countries within the Schengen Area, but you will also have the opportunity to get high returns on your investment throughout the required investment period. Find out more about the Golden Visa requirements for applying.

Looking for a Better Educational System in Europe?

One of the main reasons Hong Kong citizens invest in Golden Visas is to give their children access to better educational opportunities. Although good overall, the Hong Kong education system has its problems, and a lot of parents are keen to look further afield in order to find the best education system for their child while opening up valuable opportunities and experiences.

European education systems are incredibly diverse, with different countries offering different benefits. Portugal has an excellent network of state schools as well as an outstanding choice of private schools. A number of these private schools teach US or British education systems and operate in English. You’ll find the majority of the international schools in Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve, though there are a few others dotted across the country.

One of the main advantages of the Portuguese education system is affordability. The country has some of the best value private schools in Europe, making it even easier for your children to enjoy an exceptional education as part of your investment in the future.

What is the Process to Acquire a Golden Visa for My Children?

If you acquire a Golden Visa, your dependents will also gain all of the benefits that the visa offers. This will allow them to study and live in Europe and give them full access to all of the opportunities the continent offers.

The two most popular ways to gain a Portuguese Golden Visa are:

The investment must be maintained for the full 5-year period of the visa. To find out more on residency and citizenship by investment Contact Planeur today.

Sending My Children to Europe

Once you’ve secured your Golden Visa, you will be able to send your children to study in Portugal or any other country withing the Schengen Area without any restrictions.

As well as covering school-age dependents, the Portuguese Golden Visa applies to older children as long as they are still in education. Portugal boasts a number of excellent universities, and with fees as low as $950 per year, this could be the perfect place for your child to study. Combined, your children could access international schools and universities such as:

How Do I Invest in My Child’s Future?  – Speak to Planeur Today!

Investing in Portugal’s Golden Visa scheme is a fantastic way to guarantee your children’s future by giving them access to Europe.

Find out more about this unique opportunity and start the application process today. Alternatively, contact a member of our team and we will be happy to discuss your specific circumstances and walk you through the process of accessing the best education systems in Europe.














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