We Select Great Locations to Create Exceptional Properties.

We are a design & innovation-focused real estate company that creates functional urban spaces, providing lifestyle and access to top-quality properties with a modern and sustainable building practice. At Planeur we married the skills gained through our previous projects in Vietnam, practical experience, and dynamic solutions to bring investors the best possible return on their investment.

We currently operate as an international one-stop-shop for the Golden Visa Program in Portugal and give our clients the opportunity to invest with us while acquiring the Portuguese Golden Visa for themselves and their family. Our clients represent great value to us and Planeur will guarantee a personalized, safe and transparent service for the comfort of each client.

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Golden Visa for Portugal

Fast Track for Portuguese Citizenship and Visa-free in Schengen Area

Lisbon City view

Real Estate

Matching an entrepreneurial skillset with conservative, disciplined management and has consistently delivered projects far above the local benchmarks to build quality and design.



Investment Fund

Planeur operates in Portugal, taking advantage of its favourable fiscal and regulatory frameworks.



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