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Europe’s most breathtakingly landscapes and glorious weather, Portugal has it all!

The best climate in Europe

Portugal has the ideal climate to live in.

Hot summers with an average temperature of 24°C (74°F) and mild winters which come as a welcome relief and helps keep the beautiful countryside green! No wonder some are considering it a place to call home.

Outstanding quality of life

Listed in the top 3 countries ranked as the happiest places for ex-pats and in 2019, The Internations Expat Insider Survey ranked Portugal 1st for quality of life.

Ex-pats who took part in the survey spoke particularly highly of the quality of the environment and climate whilst safety and security also scored high with some ex-pats stating that they chose Portugal because it felt especially safe.

Beautiful, spacious & affordable properties

Portuguese housing is everything you’d expect it to be and more. Whether you prefer a seafront view or overlooking the mountains the choice is vast.

Many older and charming properties are available and there’s a growing trend towards heritage-style apartments for the retired.

Portugal’s beaches and coastline are the most stunning in Europe

Many would argue that the beaches in Portugal featuring an array of sandy shores, rocky cliffs, and spectacular views are among the most beautiful in the world.

The Algarve, Portugal’s famed southern-most region, is particularly popular but the entire country is surrounded by a beautiful coastline.

Undeniably low cost of living

Portugal is one of the best value locations in Europe where you might have expected to pay a premium to live in such a country but instead, you will find the cost of living is undeniably low.

From groceries to rent, it’s widely known that people move here to save big…especially in retirement.

Fresh and tasty, local produce at affordable prices

Anyone who has ever visited Portugal knows that the locals take their food pretty seriously.

Eating good quality fresh food is a motto here. From grilled or boiled fresh seafood to deliciously seasoned meat teamed with lots of fresh salad and vegetables, you name it

Eating well is also one of the reasons life expectancy here in Portugal is better than in many other countries.

Portugal is the Perfect Place to Retire

If you’ve long dreamed of retiring somewhere hot, affordable, and beautiful, then retirement in Portugal is probably going to fit the bill.

There are plenty of clubs and associations for the newly arrived to join in. Medical care is good and communities are safe and friendly.

Perfect place for digital nomads

The arrival of Web Summit has made Portugal the number one place for digital nomads.

Nomads seek essentially a good quality of life. A place that combines affordability, good internet access, plentiful coworking spaces, and amenities that make life fulfilling and Portugal has it all.

The only problem would be getting any work done with so many nice beaches and other distractions!

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