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Portugal has plenty of reasons to celebrate with recent Traveler nomination as “Best Destination in the World” for 2021. Condé Nast’s publication invited over 800 thousand readers across the globe to participate and express about the most desired places to travel.

Portugal (1) leads and leaves behind New Zealand (2), Japan (3), Marocco (4), Sri 812Lanka (5), Italy (6), Iceland (7), Greece (8), Croatia (9), Turkey (10), Norway (11), Maldives (12), Kenya (13), Ireland (14), Israel (15), Australia (16), Switzerland (17), Indonesia (18), Botswana (19)b and the Philippines (20).

In addition, the Word Travel Award that serves to acknowledge, reward, and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the global travel and tourism industry, has also nominated Portugal for the following 2021 categories:

Portugal for “World’s Leading Nature Destination”

Lisbon for “World Leading City Destination” and “World’s Leading Heritage City Destination”

Algarve for “World’s Leading Family Villa Resort Destination”

Azores Island for “World’s Leading Dive Destination”

Madeira Island for “World’s Leading Island Destination”

Travelers, the general public, and tourism professionals are now able to vote online at www.worldtravelawards.com/vote

The winner will be announced in November, during a gala taking place in Moscow, Russia.