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Portugal has been named along with Costa Rica and Malaysia one of the best places to live in at least 10 different categories including cost of living, visas, and residence, climate, and much more according to International Living editors.

The covid-19 pandemic could be one of the main reasons people are looking for places such as Portugal, as it offers friendly and safe neighborhoods, good-value, warm-weather escapes, and where you could effectively upgrade and live better while spending less. 

This turn has given investors a different view of where to live two or three times better, afford to save for great travel adventures and in its unique character offers great beaches, welcoming locals, and comfortable low-cost living.


Why is Portugal the Top Pick from Europe?

  • Very affordable, from daily groceries to property
  • Friendly and welcoming locals 
  • Highly conscious of their illustrious history
  • The people of Portugal are what makes the country such a magical destination 
  • Quiet, cobbled lanes wind through seaside villages
  • Vast beautiful coastal area 
  • Good healthcare
  • Great education system 


Portugal is Gaining More Attention from Investors as Travel Restrictions are Lifted.

Portugal is continuing to attract investors from all over the world and has been searching for new ways to accommodate and accompany new trends and solutions in all areas of the different industries.

Opening the borders to British citizens and other European countries within the Schengen Area has taken Portugal to its last lockdown phase while assuring safety measures are kept in place and rigorous rules are followed by all members of the public in order to get Portugal’s tourism back on track. 

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