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Portugal’s Golden Visa Program has drawn investment from across the globe, promising a variety of benefits to investors while furthering urban renewal, cultural development, and job creation across the country through a comprehensive real-estate investment plan. However, in 2018, the program expanded from a purely real estate-based investment opportunity to include venture capital funds designed to draw in more investors. 

Today, investors can access the Golden Visa scheme through both real estate and venture capital funds. However, restrictions may be put in place on eligible real-estate opportunities, to limit the choice for investors on major urban centers such as Porto and Lisbon. To counter these restrictions, the venture capital fund route provides investors with an attractive alternative, with a host of benefits not necessarily found within the real estate program. 

But what exactly is the Portuguese Golden Visa through investment and how can you take advantage? Here, we breakdown exactly what you need to know and what kind of benefits you can expect. Read on to learn more. 

What is the Portuguese Golden Visa Through Investment Program?

The Golden Visa program (Autorização de Residência para Actividade de Investimento) offers non-European investors a range of benefits, the most fundamental of these being Portuguese citizenship and unrestricted access to the Schengen Area. The Golden Visa through investment funds differs from its real-estate equivalent in that investors are not required to own or maintain a physical asset.

For some investors, ownership of an asset may be attractive, particularly when purchasing real- state either for personal use or as a source of rental income. However, for others, there are multiple benefits for investing in a non-physical asset that is more easily accessible and that require little to no management. For those who prefer the second option, the Portuguese citizenship by investment route is the ideal solution. 

In essence, the Portuguese golden visa through investment gives participants access to venture capital funds that seek to invest in startups or medium-sized projects with strong growth indicators. All funds are regulated by CMVM, Portugal’s investment regulators, and they are mandated to focus on a wide range of sectors and industries such as s energy, industry, technology or real estate. Each fund is managed by corporate experts in the specific field, and investors participating in eligible funds are entitled to the same benefits as those who have previously accessed the Golden Visa real estate program.  

These include:

  • Portuguese Passport
  • Portuguese Citizenship after five years of legal residency
  • Visa-free access to the Schengen Zone
  • Access to high-quality education and healthcare systems
  • 10-year tax relief program


Additionally, the following benefits are exclusive to the Portuguese golden visa through investment, giving investors a range of advantages over the former real estate-based program:

  • Professionally Managed Funds 
  • Smaller Investment
  • Tax Efficient Investment Vehicle
  • Minimum Hurdle-Rates 
  • Support by the Portuguese Government 
  • Strictly Regulated Investments


What is the Process for Obtaining Citizenship Through Golden Visa Investment in Portugal?

The first step to obtaining citizenship through investment in Portugal is to obtain and maintain your Golden Visa for at least 6 years. One of the ways to acquire the Golden Visa is through investment funds. Since not all funds are part of the scheme, it is important that eligibility is checked by a professional. While doing this, a professional can help you ascertain the costs of the specific program and provide you with the necessary information regarding your investment. Please Contact us today for more information.

In addition to the Golden Visa requirements, Citizenship may also require additional conditions. The main requests are:

  • Proof that investment funds have originated from abroad
  • Proof of no criminal record
  • Proof of payment of application and processing fees
  • Proof of a valid Schengen Visa when entering Portugal
  • Proof of meeting or exceeding the minimum stay requirement of 7 days in year one and 14 days for the following 2-year periods


How Can I Apply for Golden Visa Through Investment Funds in Portugal?

Application can be made through investment with a  minimum amount of €350,000. Formerly, with the real-estate acquisition program, minimum investments were €500,000—meaning a significant decrease in the amount of capital required to participate in the program for investors and their families.

It is highly recommended to hire a professional to walk you through the application process and keep you informed as to eligibility, costs and fees, and your obligations. With more than 30 years of experience, Planeur is perfectly placed to offer you the support and guidance you need to make the process simple and efficient. 

For more information on how to apply for a Golden Visa or to invest in Portugal, Contact us today. We are your one-stop-shop for the Portuguese Golden Visa (Ari).

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