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Why is Portugal your best choice of investment?

  1. Best EU residency programme for investors with minimal stay requirements to obtaining an EU passport after 5 years – 7 days (consecutive or not) in the first year and 14 days (consecutive or not) in the subsequent periods of two years
  2. Best EU tax haven for pensioners and HWNI with 10-year exemption of non-Portuguese source income – For more than 10 years, Portugal has been adopting a set of fiscal measures to increase its competitiveness and attract foreign investment.
  3. You may also obtain Portuguese Citizenship after a period of 5 years and gain the same rights as anyone in Portugal and the European Union.
  4. Best destination in the World to visit – according to Condé Nast Traveller, and best European golf and beach destination as per the World Travel Awards
  5. Best country in Europe and North America (after cold Sweden) for immigrant integration (MIPEX III)
  6. Very stable, peaceful and safe country – 18th most peaceful worldwide according to the Global Peace Index and 18th safest in the World according to the Reputation Institute
  7. Top-notch roads, telecoms and health system – 12th best health system worldwide according to the World Health Organisation
  8. A high quality of life coupled with a low cost of living – Portuguese average wages are about 50% of the EU average
  9. A highly educated population, almost half of which can speak at least one foreign language, mainly English
  10. Gateway to 250 million Portuguese-speaking people


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