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The European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen,  has revealed that fully vaccinated US travelers will be able to visit the European Union this summer after more than one year of the ban on non-essential travel as reported in the New York Times.

The fast pace of vaccination in the United States has positively impacted for the European Union to come to this decision. The pending situation now is if vaccine certificates should be issued and how that will be monitored and acceptable as proof across the different European Countries.

Everyone is eager to travel but the COVID-19 numbers are being monitored very closely to understand if this travel encouragement is and will not jeopardize the spread of the virus.

The EU Commission will be coordinating the travel and restriction of free movement depending on the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic not only in Europe but also attentive of the situation in the US.

We all want to go back to our normal way of living and traveling before the pandemic, however, this depends largely on each individual’s behavior towards the virus and its respective restrictions according to your locations’ restrictions and the restrictions of the areas you are planning to visit/travel.

Regarding businesses and other affairs you may have to carry out in other countries, fortunately, and largely due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, most of the countries and businesses have fast adapted to the new ways of doing business. Now more than before the pandemic, almost everything can be dealt remotely and from the comfort of your home.

If you are from a European country wanting to travel within Europe there is also good news for you too. The European Union’s Parliament has accepted to the establishment of a certificate in order to restore the freedom of travel within the block, over a year after the Member States started introducing border controls and entry bans on each other’s citizens in a bid to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in their territory.

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