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What is agritourism?

It is a form of tourism that aims to enable everyone to have closer and genuine contact with nature, agriculture, and local traditions through home accommodation in a rural environment while being able to learn about local production.

Hard times across the globe haven’t helped Portugal’s fragile economy and nowhere was this felt more keenly than in the countryside. Subsistence agriculture is hard enough at the best of times, and over the past three decades, Portugal’s vast rural interior suffered significant depopulation as people, especially the young, moved to cities in search of other types of work offers to those within agriculture.

The responsible tourism industry in Portugal is doing its level best to entice travelers away from the resorts and encourage travel outside of peak seasons and into the country’s rural landscapes.

The focus here is to experience and be in harmony with the rural and natural environment while preserving Portugal’s rich architectural and cultural heritage. Here you will have the chance to learn and be involved in all kinds of local productions available that go from cork, olives to sweet grapes to name but a few.

Within these agritourism places, the producer is able to create magical spaces for the visitor to explore the various local productions, closely watched by the most experienced eyes and cared for by the most delicate hands. Bringing together great moments and distinguished experiences.

Portugal boasts a vast coastline, countryside, ancient villages and ruins, glorious and little-explored interior, plenty of sunshine, and delicious food. You will be in for a treat when exploring the vast offer of agritourism available.

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